Reputable Fila de São Miguel Breeders

Although the current ban on the famous ear crop established by the Portuguese government, and enforced by the Portuguese Kennel Club, washed away a fair share of backyard breeders, the  Cão de Fila de São Miguel is still plagued by producers who do not assess their stock’s health or perform any dysplasia tracing tests, as well as any other genetic faults.

Aside from the lack of medical assessments to the breed’s studs, the dog beauty shows have gained more and more strength among the Azores Cattle Dog over the past few years. This has done this breed’s famous temperament a huge disservice. Good working fortitude is harder to find with each passing litter, and now a days there are less than a handful of reputable breeders working for temperament. Below are a few of these men, who have brought forward consistency in their work – however, please note: When looking for a purebred dog, you should ALWAYS do your own research, do not be afraid to ask questions and/or browse past litters.