Quinta do Chão da Casa Kennels

Daniel Madeira is a knowledgeable Cão de Fila de São Miguel and founder of the Quinta do Chão da Casa Kennels in continental Portugal. Daniel focuses his pairings on the improvement of the breed and on its workability, having numerous dogs put to the test.

Location: District of Viseu – Portugal
First Fila de São Miguel Breeding: 2006
Contact: Quinta do Chão da Casa Facebook Page

Daniel Madeira started working with the Cão de Fila de São Miguel in 2004, having previous experience with other breeds, including doberman and the Portuguese Water Dog. Madeira started producing his own line of Cão de Fila in 2006, trying from the start to keep the versatility of the breed as a herder, a guard dog, personal protection and an alarm dog – all traits instilled in the origin of the Fila de São Miguel and in the lines of the Quinta do Chão da Casa Kennel.

4 month old puppy guarding the property – Bred by Quinta do Chão da Casa:

Having mentioned that he always breeds with the intent of producing stable, well balanced dogs both physically and mentally, and although Daniel does not focus on the showroom he will take his dogs to shows if he sees the animal fits the requirements. Madeira is also a firm believer that too many breeders of today are focusing their lines on the showrooms, which is deteriorating the breed to alarming extents.

Video below of Átila, one of the studs of Quinta do Chão da Casa