Fluidos do Vulcao Kennels

One of the prime Cão de Fila de São Miguel breeders in Portugal is André Colaço, who’s been submersed in this breed since 1998. Colaço and his Fluídos Do Vulcão kennel are among the very few producers of purebred Fila de São Miguel who focus solely on working temperament and health. André is also a professional in the field of security, and breeds his dogs for that purpose, while being an avid competitor in the field of working dog sports.

Location: Olivais, District of Lisbon – Portugal
First Fila de São Miguel Breeding: 2000
Contact: Fluídos Do Vulcão Kennel Facebook Page (click to open)

André Colaço’s interest in the Cão de Fila de São Miguel came almost totally by chance. His father was a farmer who bought and sold cattle and when André was around 15 years of age, during one of his dad’s cow trade deals, a dog of unknown breed was dropped at the farm together with the herd.

This female dog was exceptional in dealing with the animals, and unlike the dogs they had used for years (mainly Serra D’aires breed) this bitch was incredibly protective and excelled as a guard dog. A fantastic asset around in the field. A few years later, while spending some time at a famous Portuguese holiday destination (Meco Village), Colaço spotted a dog just like the female he had and immediately established contact with this dog’s owner establishing that his female was a Cão de Fila de São Miguel. The owner was another extremely valuable contributor to the breed named André Jorge, founder of the Vale da Palha Azorean Cattle Dog kennel.

From that initial contact, André Colaço fell in love with the breed and has been working with it ever since. Below are some of André dogs and dogs he bred.