Casa da Praia Kennels

Casa da Praia is one of the oldest Cão de Fila de São Miguel producers still in operation. Though currently undergoing a renewal process thanks to the Portuguese Kennel Club’s ban on cropped ears, in years past the Praia lines developed many showroom champions including 20 Portuguese National, European and World Champions as well as Best in Show, with the kennel’s founder Rui Teixeira being also a renowned judge of the breed.

Location: São Miguel, Azores / District of Lisbon – Portugal
First Fila de São Miguel Breeding: 1987
Contact: Casa da Praia Facebook Page

The founder of Casa da Praia Kennel, Rui Teixeira started working with the breed at the age of 14 in the island of São Miguel, developing some of the bigger names in the Fila de São Miguel, particularly in the showroom, though he has also produced many working quality dogs that were the foundation stock for many other kennels.

Rui Teixeira has worked with many different breeds as a producer, from Portuguese Water Dogs and Smooth Fox Terriers to Dobermans and German Shepherds.